Anna Granger, ASD Specialist Advisor

ISTD, BA Hons (Drama), MA in Education (SEN & Inclusion)

Anna has been involved in both teaching and supporting young people for over 15 years. Her work has included teaching dance and drama in various capacities, providing 1:1 support for individuals on the autism spectrum and delivering autism related training to school staff. As a former learning support assistant, Anna recognises and values the importance of this 1:1 support and its positive impact on a child's experience at school. Anna is passionate about identifying and supporting the needs of individuals on the autism spectrum and values highly the sharing of good practice amongst staff. Anna's MA studies have enabled her to research several autism-related curricular developed in America and led her to develop a more specific interest in autism and self-regulation. Anna has considerable experience of implementing the Zones of Regulation® curriculum with pupils and professionals, and continues to be passionate about the importance of supporting children to recognise and process their feelings. As a Connected Kids™ tutor, Anna is passionate about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness in supporting young people to regulate their emotions. In 2020, Anna embarked on a new venture and set up a publishing company called 5 IN A BOAT BOOKS, which specialises in producing books and resources, which promote a mindful, child-centred approach to emotion regulation and well-being. Anna has written and self-published her first children’s picture book called ‘Ted, the Sea and Me’, which takes the reader on a journey into the sea with Tilly and her inflatable turtle float, as they explore the similarities between her feelings and the sea. Anna hopes that this book will be particularly useful to parents and professionals in supporting young people to acknowledge and share how they feel. Through her work with Spectra, Anna is developing a bespoke ‘Ted, the Sea and Me’, training package to share with schools. More information about ‘Ted, the Sea and Me’, can be found on her website at www.5-in-a-boat-books.com or on her Instagram page @5_in_a_boat_books_ . 


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